Friday 5 August 2011

Colouring Popcorn with Spectrum Noirs & Polychromos Pencils


Hi my effort at a little tutorial for colouring my Favourite bear Popcorn from Crafters Companion, the materials you willl need are:


IMG_0679 IMG_0680

Spectrum Noir Marker Pens in the following colour


Fur: 107, 36, 134

Ears & Heart: 91

Blanket 26, 109

Rose: 11, 23

Leaf 42


Colouring Pencils (I use Polychromos but Prismas work just as well)  Mid Brown and Raw Umber

Prisma Pencils are available at Hobbycraft


Paper Stumps – available from Hobbycraft


Start Colouring:

IMG_0666 IMG_0667 



Start colouring Popcorn’s head using light flicking strokes with 107, (picture 1) then using 36 (picture 2)and light flicking strokes take the colour further out towards the top of the head.






Complete colouring the head and muzzle with 134 (picture 3)  making sure to blend colours by starting at the top of the muzzle and lightly flicking 134  right to the top of the head. ( you will find this work best if you use very little pressure when applying the ink).   Colour down the edge of the arm and under the head with 107 (picture 4) using the same strokes as for the head



IMG_0670 IMG_0671



Complete colouring Popcorn in the same colours and using the same method as previously (Picture 5), and colour the girl bear (I have made her head a little lighter than Popcorns by not taking 107 as far up the head. (Picture 6)



IMG_0672 IMG_0674



Colour blanket with 26 adding 109 for shading  (Picture 7), then colour heart and ears with 91 (Picture 8)



IMG_0675 IMG_0676



Finally colour rose and leaf with 11, 23 42 (picture 9).  Your image is now complete but if you would like to add extra depth to your image this can be done by using Coloured Pencils.  Apply a thin line of Medium Brown Pencil around the dark edges of Popcorns fur (as in Picture 10), my line is a bit thicker than I would usually make it but I wanted to make sure you could see it.



IMG_0677 IMG_0678



Using your Paperstump dipped into Sansodor (Odourless White Spirits)  blend your pencilled line our into the image using light circular strokes (Picture 11), then add Raw Umber Pencil to the edges of the Blanket and blend out in the same way.


I hope this has all made sense if you need any help pjust leave a message


Hugs Jacs xx

Thursday 4 August 2011

Colours for Mid Brown, Dark Blonde & Blonde Hair with Spectrum Noirs

Another Spectrum Noir question I have been asked a number of times is “What colours do you use for hair” so here are the colours for Mid Brown, Dark Blonde and Blonde hair


On all of these I have started with the darkest first, but these colours should work whatever way you prefer to colour, a little tip for you that I find helps me when I am trying to find colour combos for whatever pens I use, stamp out or print 2 of the images you are working on use one for practise and when you are happy colour the final image, it looks quite funny when you have an image with rainbow coloured hair but this works for me, I then file the image I used for practise with a note of the colours in my colouring folder.


Colours for Mid Brown Hair:  94, 96, 97, 25, 142


Colours for Dark Blonde: 101, 104, 31, 44, 45


Colours for Blonde hair: 44, 35, 37, 38

Hope this helps, if there is anything else I can help with let me know.  I will be back later with a card.


Jac xx