Friday 4 February 2011

A Little Colouring Tutorial – Colouring Face and hair on Simply Adorables

These photos appear quite small but if you click on them you will see a larger image
I have been asked how I colour the beautiful Suagr Nellie – Funky Kits Simply Adorable beauties, so I have come up with this little tutorial, I am not too good at taking photos and I am not trained in anyway so this is just my way of colouring, I hope it helps.  This is part one “Colouring Face and Hair” part two will be later in the week.

I have used a stamped Image of Joy (see Karen they stamp perfectly dear), and I will start on the face, I always use these 3 Copics for flesh E21, E00, E0000 (Picture 1)

006 007 

Starting at the hairline and using E21 just bring the colour out into the face (not too far) also use the same Copic to colour the cross hatched sections as in Picture 2, Now using E00 go over the previous colour with circular movements of your marker so the 2 colours are blended then bring E00 further out into the face as in Picture 3

008 009

Now using E0000 as before go over the previous colours and then complete colouring the face as in Picture 4.  You will notice I have not coloured the neck at the same time as the face, I find the colours blend easier if you just colour one area at a time.  Using E21 colour around the edge of the neck including the cross hatched area Picture 5.

010 011
colour the rest of the neck as the face using E00 and E0000, as for the face Pictures 6 and 7

The final step is to add colour to her cheeks. using R20 and starting at the hairline (in line with the corners of the eyes) stroke a little colour on to her cheeks Picture 8

013  015

I again use just 3 colours for the hair E53, E51, E50.  With the darkest marker E53 colour along the hairline, The top of the fringe and wherever there are  hatched areas as in Picture 10.

016 018

Now using E51 cover the previous colour as in the face and bring out into the centre leaving a small area of white  Picture 11 , the next step is difficult to see as the colour is so light, cover the whole area of hair with E50 blending all the colours together as you go Picture 12


Now we come to the steps that give depth and warmth to your colouring, it is like magic, you will need a  Medium Brown, light and medium Flesh  coloured  Prisma or Polychromos Pencil  Sansodor Low Order Solvent available from any Art Shop  and Paper Stumps. Picture  13

020  021 

With the Medium Brown Pencil draw a line along the hairline, top of fringe,under bow , at side of bow, along the fringe and at edge of large crossed hatched areas, as in Picture 14 (I have  used a darker pencil than I would normally use just to highlight the areas to be coloured).  Now using a paper stump dipped into Sansodor  using circular movements bring the colour out into the hair as in Picture 15

 023  025

With the Light Flesh pencil  draw a smooth thin line around the face and neck Picture 16 using exactly the same method as for the hair using Sansodor and Clean paper stump blend the Light Flesh.  Picture 17.


Finally just add a little Medium Flesh to her cheeks and lips, this is the look you are aiming for Picture 18 .

Hope this is clear enough for you, I hope to have another tutorial on colouring the clothes on a standing  Simply Adorables figure within the next couple of  days

Hugs Jacqui x


Anda said...

what a beautiful stamp. Where can I buy this one?

Gr. Anda

Connie said...

Simply gorgeous! Your coloring is awesome. Love your tutorials. Can't wait for the clothing tutorial.

Works From The Attic by Linda said...

Can you tell me where to purchase this stamp? Your work is beautiful. Thank you for the tutorial.

Mau xx said...

Superb, can't wait to get my first copics now...hopefully this weekend :)
You are certainly talented xx

Steph said...

Wow this was a wonderful tutorial. I am going to try this, this weekend:)

jojoscraps said...

Hi Jacqui
I just posted my first card using a Simply Adorable and your tutorial was so helpful. They all are! I also included a link back here from my post as I know others will love it too.
Jo xx

Dee said...

This tutorial is wonderful. I will now try using Copics and pencils on the same image. Thanks so much for a tutorial that is simple to follow...Dee

Sandra said...

Well thank you very much for teaching me something that I didn't know. I will definitely try this to enhance my copic colouring. I think I am going to like doing this. So happy I happened upon your blog...consider me a new follower :)S

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