Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Slanted Easel card


Had a few request for the Slanted Easel card I made, these are just so simple but effective,  I am sure lots of you know how to make these anyway.




I have made this card to face the other way just so you can see how easy it is to ring the changes.


All you need to start is:

A Score Board

Double Sides Tape

A 5.1/2” square Base Card

A square of white card 5.1/2” square.

Your Image, backing papers and embellies




Now you need to score diagonally from corner to corner on the front of your card, use a score board to get a perfect fold, to make sure the corners line up I run a pencil down the scoring line I am going to use, it is much easier than doing it by eye, I think you can pick up the pencil line in the picture below





Fold along scored line and your card should look like this, ( when folding a scored line always make sure you go down the fold a couple of times with your bone folder this gives a really crisp fold).


Now add double sided tap[e down the triangle, on this picture I have only added it to 2 sides you would actually add it to all 3 sides.




Now add the 5.1/2” sq white card to the triangle.




Now its up to you to decorate as you wish.


On this blog I havent really explained how I decorate my cards from start to finish but if you feel that would be helpful leave me a comment.




Jacqui xx

Saturday, 5 February 2011

4 Drawer Card Box - Tutorial


Here is the 4 Drawer Card Box tutorial that lots of you have been asking for, before I start I would like to say that this is not my design I originally made the Box following a tutorial by the fantastically talented Kirsten, but I have altered some of the sizes to make it easier to make on my Martha Stewart Scoreboard.  If you have not visited Kirsten's blog  I cannot recommend it enough there are some truly stunning creations on there.  I have left a message on her blog telling her I would be posting this tutorial.

Here is the finished Box, I have not given details on here on how I decorated the box and card, more info on this will be posted on my Original Blog, I have stuck to basic details of making the box as I am sure you will have your own ideas on how you would like yours to look.

To start cut 2 pieces of heavyweight card (over 300gms) and 2 pieces of lighter weight (220 will do) card 6” square, glue one square of the lightweight card onto the top of the heavyweight card (NOTE;  YOU WILL NEED TO USE EXTRA TACKY WET GLUE THROUGHT OUT MAKING THIS BOX), these 2 squares form the top and bottom of your box.

Now we make the Drawers

Cut 4 pieces of card to measure 5” x 4.1/8”


Score 1” in from the edge of all 4 sides on each piece of card


Cut corner as shown above

Spread glue as shown on each corner


Stick corners inside to make an open topped box shape as shown above


Cover the fronts of the drawers with paper of your choice and add a brad (I have actually used Tim Holtzs Hitch Fasteners on mine).


Now Cut 4 strips of card 7.1/4” x 3.1/8”, score and fold along the long side of each strip at 1”, 3.1/8”, 4.1/8”, 6.3/8”

Add glue to the narrow edge to form a cover for your drawer as above.


Now glue drawer onto the bottom square (It is better to do this with the Drawer inside its cover as it makes the whole thing firmer).


Carry on glueing  drawers to base as above and below


Add glue to the top of the drawers as shown and attach to the 2nd square to form the top of the box

Your Box is almost finished now

All thats left is to add a base to the top of you box to adhere your card to.  I have used a Martha Stewart Round the Corner Punch on a 7” square piece of white card to make the pretty lace edging then added a 6” square of card and a 5.7/8” square of backing paper to match your card.

Make your 5.1/2” card in the usual way and attach to the top of the card.

I hope this is cl;ear but if you have any queries just e-mail me at and I will try to help

Hugs Jacqui xx

A New Take on A Stepper Card Template

Use for CCTa

I have a different shaped card for you today and I have included a little Template although it is not to size.
The card is a different take on a Step Card, sorry the photo is a bit blurred, The image is of course from Lili of the Valley  its called “New Hat”, I have used Copics and Prismas to colour the image and added glitter and pearls.  The papers are from the Buds and Blossom kit from Nitwits Downloads.  The doily is a Die-namic Die from Dies to Die For.  The larger MS Border was a last minute addition, I was getting the card ready to photograph when I felt the bottom need a bit of tarting up, I add some lovely buttons and charms from The Hobby House.  The flowers are from Wild Orchid Crafts.

This great Stamp is by Inkadinkado also available from Dies to Die For, and I hope fits the challenge, it made me smile anyway.

I have forgotten to take a note of the Copics I used so sorry,

Here is a side view of the card.

Now here is the template for you

Start with White card 12” x 8”  and mark and score at 1”, 2”, 6” and 7” along both sides, measure 1.1/2” in from each side and draw a line from the 1” to 7” mark as shown, with a sharp craft knife and steel ruler cut down this line, now following the broken lines on photo score at 1”, 2” 7” and 6” marks as shown.

Fold along scored lines and your card should end up looking like the above photo.  Now you can decorate to your hearts desire.

Side view

If you have any queries just e-mail me, and please let me see your cards if you use this template.
Jacqui x

Friday, 4 February 2011

Colouring Tilda with Distress Inks Part 2





Colouring the Spoon

The first thing to do is image where the light would hit the spoon this gives your colouring depth,
I have chosen the top of the spoon and the middle, as in all the previous colouring you start by laying down a layer of ink on the image, Tea Dye and Old Paper have been used for the spoon.

Spread your ink with small circular strokes, remembering to clean your brush as you go, it should end up looking like this.


Lay down a thin line of Frayed Burlap to the hairline next to the scarf and the face.


Remove all traces of ink from you brush and very carefully with small strokes spread the ink out leaving a light area between the top and bottom hairline

Now add just the smallest amount of ink to both areas and around the edge of the hair near the face

Here is how it should look when you have completed all your colouring.

This final step may be difficult to see on the photo but it really important to make your image stand out, using Old Photo ink (the smallest amount possible on the brush) just draw a tiny line around the outline of the face hair, apron and spoon. Then pick up a small amount of Worn Lipstick mixed with Tea Dye and so the same on the Dress, Shoes and Scarf

And Finally the finished card.

I have distress the lovely Magnolia Paper and used Worn Lipstick around the edge, the lush pink papers are Bo Bunny from The Hobby House, and all the roses are from Wild Orchid Crafts, I have also used the most stunning cream lace that I bought from Tab at Tabby Crafts. Hope you like this and have found the tutorial helpful. Enjoy your Sunday we have the most glorious sunny day here, bright and crisp just how I like it
Thanks for looking
Jacqui xx

Colouring Tilda with Distress Inks - Face and Clothes

As promised another tutorial on colouring faces and clothes, so sorry it has taken so long to do this, as I have said I am no expert this is just the way I find easiest. To check on the equipment and papers I use please click Here. I have split the tutorial into 2 parts to make it easy to digest
Well I do hope you have a cup of tea or coffee by the side of you this is going to be a long post!!!


Pick up a little Tattered Rose Ink on an almost dry brush, paint a thinnish line around the outline of the face, after wiping your brush to remove any residue ink, gradually work the ink into the centre of tildas face using small circular motions, leaving the middle of the face with hardly any colour at all. This should leave you image looking like the second one below.

Now dip the very edge of your paint brush into Tea Dye ink and mix with Tattered Rose, go around the edge of the face again this time include the cheek area, blending as above so you are left with an image looking like the second on here.

Now added Worn Lipstick and Tea Dye to the Tattered Rose, by just taking up a small amount of each colour on the brush and mixing on your tile (Pallet). Add a circle of colour to her cheeks and blend toward the hairline make sure you soften all edges to make sure there is no hard lines.

Paint a very thin line of Tea Dye around the whole of the face and blend with short feathering strokes

This is the look you are looking for when you have finished colouring the face, the legs are done in exactly the same fashion.

Dress & Apron

The same method is used to colour clothes, one tip I would give you for all your Distress Ink Colouring is to keep cleaning your brush throughout spreading colour, this enables you to get the shading you are aiming for, and to keep your brush almost dry, but not to dry that you cannot spread the ink around.

I have used Worn Lipstick for the dress Pocket and Scarf, you can see were I lay down the first thin layer of ink, then build up the colour as you go along as with the face.

This is how it should look after you have finished colouring


The Apron is a little bit different, I have laid down a very thin line of diluted Antique Linen along the lines of the petticoat, and also around the pocket, you want to give the impression that the apron is white or cream, so you don't want to spread the ink out so much, just go around the edges and softly feather the ink with a completely clean brush just to soften them

Socks and Shoes

Repeat the same process for the Apron on the socks.

and build up the colour as before on the shoes making sure you leave a lighter area where you have imagined the light hitting them.

Now I hope this has been a help if I have not explained anything properly please don't hesitate to e-mail me or leave a comment. In part 2 of the tutorial tomorrow I will show you how I colour Hair and the spoon and also show you the finished card I made with this image.
Thanks for looking
Jacqui xx