Monday 21 May 2012

A Little Tutorial–Colouring Folds with Alcohol Markers & Polychromos/Prismas


I have been asked to do a couple of tutorials over the last couple of weeks so i have decided I would put two together in this little post – Folds and using Polychromos/Prismas with Alcohol Markers.

Before we start just a quick note YOU MUST COMPLETE COLOURING YOUR WHOLE IMAGE BEFORE YOU START TO USE YOUR PENCILS NEVER GO BACK AND ADD MORE COLOUR WITH YOUR ALCOHOL MARKERS.  When colouring with any Alcohol Markers always use a light hand to apply,  start your first stroke immediately your nib touches the paper, if the nib is left in one pace for just a second it will start to spread, this is where bleeding occurs. 

You will need to get together before you start Paper Stumps, Sansodor (Orderless White Spirits) and of course your pencils.


Once again we will use 3 colours Dark Medium & Light, starting with the darkest colour and using thin light stokes add to the inside of the folds (on most stamps it is quite clear where the inside of the folds will be).

Now using your medium colour go over and bring out the further into the image as shown below.

Finally go over the complete image with the lightest colour, once this step has been completed you can then go in and add more depth with your darker colours, blending as you go.

Here is  the part that brings your image to life, with a toning pencil a couple of shades darker than you darkest marker add a thin line of colour around where you have used your darkest marker.

Dip your paper stump into your Sansodor (odour less white spirit) if your stump appears very wet absorb some of the spirit with a piece of kitchen towel, again using light strokes bring your pencil out into the images, taking care not to take to far out on the fold lines your image should end up looking like the picture below.  If you only have a couple of colours of Polychromos/Prisma  pencils and cannot find one to match the area you wish to colour then a light grey gives a really good result.

I have not added any pencil to her shoes but used the same 3 colour markers I think you can see the difference they make.

Hope this has been helpful


Jacs xx


Unknown said...

This coloration is wonderful.
Thank you for the tutorial.

craftymum said...

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you. A fantastic tutorial Jacqui

hugs Sarah x

Hellma said...

Lovelt tut thanks.

Joey said...

Thanks Jacqui, I have lost count the amount of times you have told me to use me pencils over me markers. Joey x

Unknown said...

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