Friday 4 February 2011

Colouring James the Bear with Copics and Prismas

I have had a lot of requests for a tutorial on how I mix Copics and Prismas or Poly Chromos Pencils when colouring my images.  I am not very good at these tutorials but I have decided to give it a try.  I have used a Lili of the Valley   James the Bear image for this tutorial. 
Just a short note about Prismas & Faber Castell Polychromos pencils, these are really soft wax like pencils (quite expensive but really worth the money), they both do the same job so this tutorial work for both.  Because of the soft wax like texture of the pencils you are able to spread them by using Paper Stumps and Low odour Solvent, I use Sansodor which is widely available from Art Shops.  THERE IS ONE RULE WHEN COMBINING THE TWO MEDIUMS – THE PENCILS MUST BE USED AFTER YOU HAVE DONE ALL YOUR COLOURING WITH THE COPICS,  - IT WILL COMPLETELY RUIN YOUR MARKERS IF THE NIBS COME INTO CONTACT WITH THE PENCILS OR THE SANSODOR.   I use a small bottle with a sponge in and add Sansodor until the sponge is completely soaked this makes it easier to wet the nib of the paper stump.
To start colouring James apply Copic E53 around the hate and side of face as shown in picture one, then add E51 to bring the colour further out into the face making sure you also blend in E53 picture 2, finally using E50 go over the whole face blending in the 2 previous colours – picture 3
001 002 003
Using the same colours and method colour the rest of the fur as below.
004 005 006
Now for the Hat and Presents using R08 colour around the edges of the present and James Hat – picture 1,  using the same method as for the fur now add R02 – picture 2, and finally add R000 – picture 3.
007 008 009
The last step is adding the final colour to the pre4sent and his foot and ear.  BG13 has been used for the first step in colouring the blue present & ribbon, and R02 for the foot and ears – picture 1, the next blue to be added is BG11 & R000 is added to the rest of the foot and ears – picture 2.  The last blue is BG10.  You have now finished colouring James with the Copics and we will go on to the final step.
010 011 012
Now to add the deep shadows with the Pencils, The lines of pencil are a bit thicker than I would usually make them but this is try to make them easier for you to see.  Add a thin line of BLACK pencil around the edges of the red hat and present – picture 1, then dipping the end of your stump into the sansodor, use the wet stump and small circular motions move the pencil out into the image – picture 2, then add dark brown pencil around the edges of fur picture 2, to complete blend out the brown as before – picture 3
013 015 018
Here is the image with all the steps completed
The final card has been made with Bo-Bunny Papers and Snowflakes punched with Martha Stewart Snowflakes Punches  and glittered with Glamour Dust.
021  Hope this has been helpful but if you need any more info or help please e-mail me.


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