Friday 4 February 2011

Part 2 of Simply Adorables Copics Colouring Tutorial

 These photos appear quite small but if you click on them you will see a larger image

Here is the second part of the Copics and Polychromos/Prisma  tutorial I promised.  Before I start I will say that the photos are not too good as the light has been so bad today. 

The Copics you will need for this one are: Coat B97, B95, B93, B91  Dress E71, E70, E40, Shoes E74, E71, E40 Socks and Collar C2

sn1 SN2

Starting with the darkest colour B97 colour a narrow band around the coat as in Picture 1,  with B95 with circular movements blend in the darkest colour and bring out almost to the edge of the coat as in Picture 2 

SN3 sn4

The final stage on this side of the coat is to blend the dark and medium colours with B93 and take colour right up to the edge as in Picture 3.  Now we start on the other side of the coat, with B97 colour a narrow band around the edge and down the fold as in Picture 4  (these Simply Adorable stamps are fantastic for working out where to put your light and shade as the darker areas have been crossed hatched). 

sn5 sn6

Add a narrow band of B95 blending as you go as in Picture 5, then blend in B93 bring out a little bit further into the body of the coat as in Picture 6.

sn9 SN12

All that is left to do on this side is to blend previous colours with B91 and take the colour right to the edge Picture 7.  Colour in the Button Band starting with B95 at the top and Bottom and B93 in the  middle  and colour the sleeves using the same markers and method  as for the coat Picture 8

sn14 sn17

Now we cam start on her dress, with E71 colour a narrow band along all the edges and dark lines Picture 9, blend and bring colour out into dress with E70 as in Picture 10

sn18  Sn20

Complete colouring of dress with E40, and colour the dark lines on Hem  with E71 Picture 11, complete Hem in the same way as the dress, Colour the Ribbon with B95 and B93, then colour the contrast band on her coat with B95 and E70 Picture 12

sn22 sn25

Using E71 and B95 colour both sides of each socks as in Picture 13 carry on colouring socks using small band of colour and using the lightest in the middle.  Colour shoes as in Picture 14 with E74

sn27 sn32

Colour the rest of the top of the shoe with E70 leaving a light white space in both shoes Picture 15 Finally use C2 to colour folds in socks and edge of collar, and colour ribbon as for coat. Picture 16

sn33 SN37

As all the colours are quite dark you will just need a Black Prisma/Polychromos pencil for the clothes, draw a thin line with the pencil where the sleeve meets the coat, down the sides of the coat, along the waistline of the dress, down sides of dress, and down the edge of the folds on the hem, finally along all sides of the socks and shoes as in picture  17 (hope you can see this) .  Finally blend all the black lines with Sansodor and Pencil stumps, your image should now look like Picture 18

Hope this has been helpful, if you have any questions please e-mail me and I will try to answer them
Jacqui xx


A New Crafter said...
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A New Crafter said...

Wow, I have always wondered (and truly admired) how it is possible to achieve such professional results with blending. I use promarkers, which I feel are much harder than copics, but they cost more! I now realise the copic shade codes are perfect to help with the colour choice and your tutorial is fantastic - thank you. I may buy a few and have a play....Anne

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