Friday 4 February 2011

Colouring Tilda with Distress Inks - Face and Clothes

As promised another tutorial on colouring faces and clothes, so sorry it has taken so long to do this, as I have said I am no expert this is just the way I find easiest. To check on the equipment and papers I use please click Here. I have split the tutorial into 2 parts to make it easy to digest
Well I do hope you have a cup of tea or coffee by the side of you this is going to be a long post!!!


Pick up a little Tattered Rose Ink on an almost dry brush, paint a thinnish line around the outline of the face, after wiping your brush to remove any residue ink, gradually work the ink into the centre of tildas face using small circular motions, leaving the middle of the face with hardly any colour at all. This should leave you image looking like the second one below.

Now dip the very edge of your paint brush into Tea Dye ink and mix with Tattered Rose, go around the edge of the face again this time include the cheek area, blending as above so you are left with an image looking like the second on here.

Now added Worn Lipstick and Tea Dye to the Tattered Rose, by just taking up a small amount of each colour on the brush and mixing on your tile (Pallet). Add a circle of colour to her cheeks and blend toward the hairline make sure you soften all edges to make sure there is no hard lines.

Paint a very thin line of Tea Dye around the whole of the face and blend with short feathering strokes

This is the look you are looking for when you have finished colouring the face, the legs are done in exactly the same fashion.

Dress & Apron

The same method is used to colour clothes, one tip I would give you for all your Distress Ink Colouring is to keep cleaning your brush throughout spreading colour, this enables you to get the shading you are aiming for, and to keep your brush almost dry, but not to dry that you cannot spread the ink around.

I have used Worn Lipstick for the dress Pocket and Scarf, you can see were I lay down the first thin layer of ink, then build up the colour as you go along as with the face.

This is how it should look after you have finished colouring


The Apron is a little bit different, I have laid down a very thin line of diluted Antique Linen along the lines of the petticoat, and also around the pocket, you want to give the impression that the apron is white or cream, so you don't want to spread the ink out so much, just go around the edges and softly feather the ink with a completely clean brush just to soften them

Socks and Shoes

Repeat the same process for the Apron on the socks.

and build up the colour as before on the shoes making sure you leave a lighter area where you have imagined the light hitting them.

Now I hope this has been a help if I have not explained anything properly please don't hesitate to e-mail me or leave a comment. In part 2 of the tutorial tomorrow I will show you how I colour Hair and the spoon and also show you the finished card I made with this image.
Thanks for looking
Jacqui xx


Pam Leng said...

Thanks for this Jacqui you always make it look so easy

Pam xx

Lou Mac said...

This is an amazing tutorial. I'll have to try it out sometime for sure! Thank you so much for sharing!

xo Lou.

Cherann said...

Hi, I love visiting your blog and think you make the most marvellous cards. I will never be able to make it to your standard. LOL! Your tutorial is very interesting and would like to know what type of paper do you use for the toppers with the stamped images? Is it watercolour paper?

Thanks ever so much!

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