Friday 4 February 2011

Heart Box Tutorial

Hi Girls, today I would like to show you how to make a little heart shaped gift box, just perfect for those little Valentines Presents. It is a really easy box to make and I do hope you enjoy the tutorial:
For the Box you will need:
A piece of A3 card
Scalloped and Plain Heart Nesties
A Good Drys clear Adhesive

Score and fold both of the long strips 1/4" from one long edge, then cut small triangles out along the length of the strip. Glue the 2" strip onto the plain heart easing it around the curves, make sure you glue this a little in from the scallops as you need to make the lid a little larger to fit.

Attach the acetate to the inside of the Lid with drys clear adhesive
Now you need to attach the sides to the box lid

Attach the 1.1/2" strip, that you have already scored, folded and cut, to the lid this time make sure the edge of the strip goes right up to the bottom of the scallops.

Before you stick the two edges of the strip together make sure the lid fits over the bottom of the box it is possible to adjust the size at this point.

Cut a heart from tissue to cover the workings on the bottom of the box and you have a heart box to decorate as you please.

Hope this all made sense to you, and if you decide to use this tutorial I would love to see your creations.
Thanks for looking and I hope you enjoyed it.


Tina Lisenby said...

Something tells me you made that seem a lot easier than it really is. WOW... what a beautiful box - You are amazing!! I'm fairly certain my box won't look nearly as nice as yours - LOL

Christine said...

Hi Jacqui I had to have another peep at your gorgeous heart box tutorial I have adapted the heart shape for a round one, many thanks for the inspiration you give..

smiles Christine x

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