Saturday 5 February 2011

4 Drawer Card Box - Tutorial


Here is the 4 Drawer Card Box tutorial that lots of you have been asking for, before I start I would like to say that this is not my design I originally made the Box following a tutorial by the fantastically talented Kirsten, but I have altered some of the sizes to make it easier to make on my Martha Stewart Scoreboard.  If you have not visited Kirsten's blog  I cannot recommend it enough there are some truly stunning creations on there.  I have left a message on her blog telling her I would be posting this tutorial.

Here is the finished Box, I have not given details on here on how I decorated the box and card, more info on this will be posted on my Original Blog, I have stuck to basic details of making the box as I am sure you will have your own ideas on how you would like yours to look.

To start cut 2 pieces of heavyweight card (over 300gms) and 2 pieces of lighter weight (220 will do) card 6” square, glue one square of the lightweight card onto the top of the heavyweight card (NOTE;  YOU WILL NEED TO USE EXTRA TACKY WET GLUE THROUGHT OUT MAKING THIS BOX), these 2 squares form the top and bottom of your box.

Now we make the Drawers

Cut 4 pieces of card to measure 5” x 4.1/8”


Score 1” in from the edge of all 4 sides on each piece of card


Cut corner as shown above

Spread glue as shown on each corner


Stick corners inside to make an open topped box shape as shown above


Cover the fronts of the drawers with paper of your choice and add a brad (I have actually used Tim Holtzs Hitch Fasteners on mine).


Now Cut 4 strips of card 7.1/4” x 3.1/8”, score and fold along the long side of each strip at 1”, 3.1/8”, 4.1/8”, 6.3/8”

Add glue to the narrow edge to form a cover for your drawer as above.


Now glue drawer onto the bottom square (It is better to do this with the Drawer inside its cover as it makes the whole thing firmer).


Carry on glueing  drawers to base as above and below


Add glue to the top of the drawers as shown and attach to the 2nd square to form the top of the box

Your Box is almost finished now

All thats left is to add a base to the top of you box to adhere your card to.  I have used a Martha Stewart Round the Corner Punch on a 7” square piece of white card to make the pretty lace edging then added a 6” square of card and a 5.7/8” square of backing paper to match your card.

Make your 5.1/2” card in the usual way and attach to the top of the card.

I hope this is cl;ear but if you have any queries just e-mail me at and I will try to help

Hugs Jacqui xx


Sian said...

Gorgeous creation and great tutorial, can you make it in CMs? LOL

Anonymous said...

thanks for the great way to show how to make it.


Anne said...

Gorgeous Jacqui thanks for the tut
Anne xx

kelly said...

Brilliant tutorial Jacqui.Thanks for taking the time to do this, it makes it so much easier!

arjette said...

Hi hi,

wwoooww what a beautifull box!!! Thanks for showing how to make it!! I became a follower, don't wanna miss a thing on your blog!

gr. arjette.

Magz said...

Lovely!! Lovely!! and a memory trip as well. I used to make these in the 60's from matchboxes but matchboxes been scarce these days its lovely to see them made from scratch. My mam still has the one I made 40+ years on.

Archies Mum said...

Jacqui, brilliant tutorial, you've made is so easy and simple to use. Many thanks for that. I've just made one if you fancy hopping over to have a look. I think I'll be making a few more of them. Thanks again

annkan said...

What a lovely idea! Great tutorial as well!!

Williams said...

brilliant idea thank you so much for sharing it!!!

Esther said...

Thank you for this very easy to follow tutorial. I'm happy with it, finally I can make it!

Bryndis said...

Absolutely beautiful box and very clear instructions. I saw a similar design in a magazin but your instructions were so much clearer ! Maybe I will try to make one someday when I'm feeling confident enough.
Thank you so very much.

Tracy Wray aka Trak said...

what a wonderful idea jac's i really love all your neat ideas.. hugs trak x

Pumpy said...

This is wonderful, will try and make it. Thanks.

flickaflame said...

I just made on for mothers day.awesome tutorial.thanks a bund le for this.smootchez

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